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Aoshima 1/700 Akizuki Class Anti-Aircraft Destroyer Suzutsuki


By Bob Pearson



During the 1920's Japan embarked on an ambitious program of destroyer designs, beginning with the Fubuki Class. All subsequent classes, but one, were equipped with the 5" gun as main armament. The exception were the 13 ships of the Akizuki class which carried 3.9" DP guns for use in the anti-aircraft role. These ships were designed as escorts for the new carriers, later the design was modified to also include torpedo tubes and depth charges. Of the 13 ships laid down, 12 were completed of which six were war losses. That depicted in this kit survived until 1948 when she was sold for scrap.

The Kit

I already have an Akizuki Class destroyer - Shimozuki - by Fujimi, and the two approaches to roughly similar ships is interesting. The first thing one notices is that unlike the kits produced by the other Japanese companies in 1/700 scale, Aoshima's are in a medium grey instead of the dark grey of the other companies.

There are six sprues for the basic kit parts as well as an extra sprue of turrets, aircraft and torpedo tubes in the dark grey colour.

The hull is about 1/8" longer than the Fujimi hull, and rather than have the linoleum fasteners molded on the deck, Aoshima has a non-slip tread pattern on the bow, stern and main traffic areas. No portholes or doors are molded on the hull/superstructure.

The first sprue has the 3.9" turrets, funnel, directors and bridge structure. The other sprues contain the antennae and various platforms.

As mentioned there is also a detail sprue. This is a goldmine of parts of which only the torpedo tube and smaller weapons are required for this kit. The spares box will grow nicely with this addition.


I have always liked the look of the Akizuki class AA destroyers, and with the addition of a Tom's Modelworks PE detail set this one will stand out in any collection of destroyers . . . too bad I am giving it to another builder for a full review.

My thanks to HobbyLink Japan for the review sample.


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