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Revell's COMPLETE! 1/25 1999 Camaro


By Chris Banyai-Riepl



In 1999 Chevrolet continued the Camaro line by building on the successful 1998 model. The basic body styling remained the same, with only the front fascia receiving some restyling, resulting in sleeker headlights. Designed for those who want performance without having to shell out the big bucks, the 1999 Camaro is loaded with features for roughly $20,000. Starting with the engine, an all aluminum 5.7-liter V-8 is shoehorned under the hood, cranking out 305 horsepower and 355 foot pounds of torque. A retuned suspension helps keep this car on the road as it rockets from zero to 60mph in only 5.4 seconds, rounding the quarter mile in 13.9 seconds and topping out at nearly 160mph. Four wheel ABS brakes help bring the car back down to more sedate speeds. The Camaro is a perfect example of American performance car engineering. Simple, straightforward, and a hot performer.

The Kit

Revell has recently put out a new series of models aimed at the younger generation by including glue, paint, and a brush. Like the Dodge Viper reviewed elsewhere in this issue, the inclusion of these accessories in no way detracts from the kit itself. This model is a fully detailed 1999 Camaro, with no corner left untouched.

The heart of the Camaro is the LS1 V-8 engine, and this kit gives you a nicely detailed example to fit under the hood. Separate heads, rocker covers, manifold and oil pan all fit onto the main block, with two belt pieces fitting onto the front. All that's missing is the wiring, and some quick work with some wire will take care of that. The radiator has separate fans that fit into the shroud, making for a very nice looking front end. Once the engine and radiator are fitted to the chassis, the radiator hoses and exhaust system is fitted. The only shortcoming here is with the exhaust pipes in that they aren't hollowed out. The odd shape of the pipes will make opening them up a challenge, but once done it will really add a lot to the final presentation.

The suspension is very thorough as well, with disc brakes all around and detailed axles. The springs might be better off being replaced by actual springs, but out of the box they don't look too bad. Once the suspension is finished it's time to turn to the rest of the car, and it's pretty straightforward from here on out. The interior is fairly easy to assemble, with the dashboard being one piece, fitting to the upper body. The instruments are provided as a decal, making it easy to detail them. The main tub has separate door side panels, which will make detail painting much easier all around. The rear seats incorporate the center console, while the front seats are made up of two pieces and fit in separately. The brake and clutch pedals are included as separate pieces, and incorporate the master cylinder as well, adding a bit more detail for under the hood.

Once the interior is done, all that's left to do is the basic detailing on the main body. A rear spoiler with the center brake light mounted underneath is added, and all the taillight covers are included in clear or transparent red plastic. The rear bumper fits on easily, and the front fascia adds in the headlights, fog lights, and turn signal lights. After that, toss on the hood and this Camaro is done. With all the different construction steps in this model, some experimenting will be needed to figure out the best way to put it all together and get a nice painted finish. Decals are included for various logos, both in the engine compartment and on the body.


This is an excellent kit of the 1999 Camaro and just because it has accessories aimed at the younger age does not mean advanced modelers should pass it by. This kit is a winner for all ages and if you want to add a Camaro to your shelves, don't hesitate to get this one.

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