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Propagteam Color Series Expert Decals

72043 1/72 L-29 Delphin; 72044 1/72 L-39 Albatros; 72042 & 48012 C-47

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

If you've built models from the Czech Republic, chances are you've used Propagteam decals. They have printed many decal sheets for MPM, Eduard, and other manufacturers, and they also have their own line of decal sheets. These four sheets represent their latest addition to their stable, and there's some interesting choices in there.

The first set is available in both 1/72 and 1/48. Apart from the size difference, the decal sheets are identical. This sheet provides markings for two C-47s, one in USAAC service and one in RAF service. The US option is finished in olive drab over neutral gray and is from the 60th Transport Group in November 1942. Being a plane that took part in Operation Torch, the roundels all feature a yellow surround. The decal sheet includes all six roundels, the fuselage code letter, and the serial number for the tail.

The RAF example is a Dakota Mk.IV used for the royal family and VIPs. The plane was polished metal with standard RAF roundels in all the usual places. The decal sheet also includes the serial number and a badge for the nose. The instructions also include notes about the interior, which was furnished accordingly for a royal family transport. While it may not be very visible in 1/72, in 1/48 you might want to put the coffee tables, plush armchairs, and ceiling lights inside.

The 1/72 L-29 Delphin sheet also has decals for two options. The first one is a Czech Air Force example finished in overall light blue gray. The rudder is split into red, blue and white and sports a lion in yellow. Standard Czech roundels are in all the regular locations, and on the nose is some artwork saying "Aero Express", along with a pair of dolphins.

The second choice is an Iraqi Delphin finished in aluminum overall with red wingtips. A red cheat line runs from the nose down to the air intakes, with a red chevron on the tail. Standard Iraqi triangle markings are in all six locations, and on the nose is a winged shield. The decal sheet also includes a full set of Arabic numbers, allowing you to do any number of plane you want.

The Aero L-39 Albatros sheet makes for a nice addition to the L-29 sheet in that one of the two choices is also Iraqi. This one is camouflaged in sand and green over light gray, with a red nose and yellow wingtips. The same winged shield is on the nose, and the standard Iraqi triangle national insignia is in all six locations. Like the L-29 sheet, a full set of Arabic numbers is included.

The second choice is fictitious, but will definitely make people stop and look twice. It is for a US Navy L-39, finished in dark ghost gray over light gray. If you're going to do a fake scheme, might as well make it a colorful one, so there's a yellow and red flash for the tail, outlined in dark gray. Standard Navy markings are found throughout and on the nose is, aptly, an albatross.

All of these decal sheets are printed to Propagteam's usual high standards of perfect registration and excellent color. They are all very thin, which is both good and bad. Good in that there won't be any visible edges once they're on, but bad in that you had better be absolutely sure they're placed right, because they'll tear if you try to reposition them. They do provide some interesting options that are not of the mainstream, so if you're looking to build some models of these planes, definitely check these sheets out.


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