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Roseplane 1/72 Resin Conversion
Hansa Brandenburg D.I Series 65.7


By Matt Bittner



The Hansa Brandenburg D.I – also known as a Star Strutter due to its interplane strut design – was the first aircraft completely designed and built by the Austro-Hungarians. There were two major types built, the Series 28 and the Series 65, and those were further broken out into subtypes. The 65.7's distinguishing features were entirely in the nose. Since the aircraft used the 150hp Daimler (as opposed to the 185hp used in the Series 28 machines) the front end of the fuselage was changed to incorporate the new engine. Practically everything from the front cockpit edge forward is different, including the 'car-type' radiator at the front. The Series 65.7 aircraft were flown primarily as fighter-trainers and approximately 20-plus were built.

The Kit

The Roseplane 65.7 Series conversion consists of six resin parts: a left and right fuselage half; exhaust shroud; new instrument panel; car-type radiator; and a new rudder. All parts are crisply molded and the only air holes appear to be on the fuselage-halves undersides only. This conversion works with the Toko Hansa Brandenburg D.I kit, and uses the rest of the parts not provided for in resin.


If you're looking for something different in regards to the Star Strutters, you can not go wrong with the Roseplane conversion. While all aircraft appear to be plain finished, with no individual markings, the Series 65.7 will be a conversation piece next to a Toko Star Strutter out of the box.

Thanks to Barry Stettler of Rosemont Hobbies for the review sample.


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