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Royal Navy WWII Ship Colours Set 2

Snyder & Short Enterprises

PMB 224
9175 Kiefer Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95826-5105

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By Bob Pearson

Aircraft and armour modelers have long had access to reliable colour chips and references ranging from the FS Standard to the Methuen Handbook of Colour. Ship modellers and artists on the otherhand have been the poor stepchild in this world of colour. The belief was that ships were just grey anyway, so why bother with providing accurate colours. Enter John Snyder and Randy Short. These two recognized that far from being just drab greys, warships could be as colourful as their winged counterparts.

They began by collecting extant samples of Second World War paints, chips and colour charts. These were then carefully analysed and the Snyder & Short line of WWII Ship Colours was born. Their earlier efforts, USN Sets 1-3, IJN and RN Set 1 were reviewed in the August issue, new at hand are the latest RN Colours.

As with other Snyder & Short paint sets, these are on card stock. Rather than being printed colour, which may vary from batch to batch, these are actual paint samples which have been hand painted in roughly 1 1/4" x 1 3/4" rectangles. Each card has eight colours.

Set 1 contains G5, G10, G20, G45, B15, B20, B30, B55.

Set 2 has : B5 and B6 as depicted on the instructions for HMS Farndale, white, black, stone, buff, Mountbatten Pink as supplied to the USN for repairs on RN ships and late-war Semtex Green.

These chips go a long way towards allowing the modeller/artist to accurately depict his ships in model or painted form. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Snyder & Short for the review sample. visit their new website and see the state of the art in WW2 camouflage


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