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My apologies to everyone who's expecting to read the latest installment of Scaleworld, but I've been sick lately. In fact, the last three and a half weeks have been something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

It started with the tail end of a flu strain that the flu shot didn't cover. That was followed..or was overlapped by...a severe urinary tract infection that no one can figure out where or how it originated. Two days after I began taking a super antibiotic for that, I wound up in the ER for half a night. First opinion in ER was that I had a 24-hour gastric virus.

Well, it lasted more than 24-hours and turned out that my self-analysis was correct. Food poisoning. It was a solid week before I began feeling even halfway decent from that, two weeks before I was actually over it. Considering how fast and hard it hit me, had I not already had a couple of doses of antibiotic under my belt, I would've been a resident in the hospital for a couple of days instead of a visitor. AND just as I was recovering from the food poisoning, I got a throat infection from heavy sinus drainage! I'm finally over everything (knock on wood), but the final side effect is that Scaleworld will have to wait til April to get back on track.

See y'all next month.


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