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Armored Cars in Russian Army 1906-1917

ISBN 5-88879-029-x

Reviewed by Matt Bittner

If you ever wanted to know about Russian armored cars in the period up to and including WW1, then this is the book for you. Unfortunately the entire book is written in Cyrillic, so while the authors have obviously gone to great lengths researching this obscure area, unless you know the language you won't understand any of it.

This book consists of 106 pages, with almost each and every page having a photograph on it. There are five color profiles, plus a color profile of uniforms and badges of those that drove these cars. In addition there are numerous 1/35th scale drawings of the major types of armored cars.

I obtained my copy of the book from NKR Models, and it cost 28 Australian dollars, which comes out to approximately 17 US dollars. Well worth that and more.

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