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Fairey Gannet

Warpaint No. 23
Hall Park Books, ©2000
ISSN 1361-0369

Aviation Usk Price: $16.95

Reviewed by Will Riepl

The Fairey Gannet is a very bizarre-looking plane in the air and is definitely in the running for ugliest carrier airplane. But like a car accident you just can't help staring, and this book will definitely have you staring a lot. Designed as a carrier-borne ASW platform, the Gannet was Fairey's first step into the world of twin-engined ASW airplanes. By mounting two engines back to back and having them drive counter-rotating propellers, Fairey was able to get the contract for the fleet ASW platform and production of the Gannet commenced.

This latest Warpaint title takes a hard look at the Gannet from its earliest days on through to the final hours. Royal Navy service consumes most of the book, but the Gannet in Australian, German and Indonesian navies are also covered. The well-written text is accompanied by a large number of excellent photos, both in color and in black & white. Dozens of color profiles and a center pull-out with 1/72 scale drawings round out this book.

While the Gannet may not exactly be a pretty plane, it was an effective one and served with great distinction. This book does an excellent job of showing off this odd plane and if you're planning on building the Dynavector 1/48 Gannet or perhaps the 1/72 Magna Models kit, definitely pick this book up.

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