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Avia S-199 & CS-199 In Detail

Photo Manual For Modelers
Wings & Wheels Publications, ©1999
ISBN 80-902677-2-6

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

The Avia S-199/CS-199 was a post-WW2 development of the successful Bf109. After the war Czechoslovakia found itself in the possession of a great number of Bf109 airframes but lacked engines. As a stop-gap measure to quickly rebuild their air force, they took surplus Jumo engines originally used in Ju88 and He111 bombers and put them into the Bf109 airframe. The Jumo engine had roughly the same horsepower but was geared differently than the Daimler Benz engine originally used, resulting in a broader paddle-bladed propeller being used. This resulted in a plane that flew, but it was nowhere near the performance of the Bf109 it was based on. Nonetheless, it served its purpose and even saw conflict in the hands of the Israelis in 1948.

This book gives a close look to the plane through many detailed color photos of a restored S-199 and CS-199. No stone is left unturned, no panel left unopened. If you want to scratchbuild a 1/24 S-199, this book will give you just about everything you'd need in terms of detailed photos. Coupled with the photos are sectional drawings and obliques showing interior structures as well, although there are no general arrangement drawings included. Some color profiles round out this book. All in all it is an outstanding reference book on this little-known extension of the famous Bf109.

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