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FCM Decals
Latin America Part 2 & 737-300

By Michael Benolkin

FCM Decals of Brazil has released some nice new subjects:

Sets 7202LA & 4802LA are a continuation of their Latin American Air Forces series. In this installment, markings are provided for a Kfir C2 from Ecuador, an A-37B Dragonfly from Uruguay as well as another A-37B from Chile, and an F4U-5NL Corsair from Argentina. Included on the 1/72 sheet are also an F-86K Sabre from Venezuela and a P-51D Mustang from Costa Rica. Both sheets provide a complete set of markings for each of the aircraft represented, including some of the more prominent stencils. As you can see in the accompanying photos, color references are also included for these aircraft to assist in painting and marking.

Set 144-09 focuses on the 737-300 (go looking for the Minicraft 1/144 737-300, youll want to do these!). Markings for three aircraft are provided, including a VERY colorful British Airways bird entitled "Flowers of Mazowsze", an aircraft from VASP, and an example from British Midland. The color reference included with this set also provides photo examples of each aircraft. Also included with the set is an extra sheet of decals with aircraft stencils, windows and doors for the 737-300.

These examples are perfectly in register and are not printed on a heavy carrier film. Im looking forward to trying these out soon! You can find FCM decals at Hannant's and other fine hobby dealers. My sincere thanks to FCM Decals for these review samples.

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