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1/35 Eduard Brass Sets

Reviewed by Ray Mehlberger

Pz.Kpw. III Ausf. M/N
For the Tamiya Kit

Here we have the usual cello envelope with the parts sandwiched between white cardboard, again, to protect them from bending. The set consists of 3, double-etched, nickle-plated brass. This is the oldest of the 3 P.E. sets that your editor received to review, with a copyright date of 1993. I suspect that it will also work on the Pz.Kpw. III ausf. M/N by DML that I have and I hope to convert this kit to a Bergepanzer with a conversion kit that I won in a raffle at the AMPS contest in Omaha.

The largest fret holds front and rear fender end replacements, roof ventilator parts, lift hooks, smoke gernade launcher brackets, fender hinges, tie downs, intake screen frames, etc. 48 parts here. The middle sized fret has some armored roof plates, wing nuts, tie downs, rain gutters, turret side door latches and handles etc. 28 more parts here. The smallest fret has just 2 parts on it which are the intake screens. The instruction sheet has a parts tree drawing on it, is printed on two sides, and has 10 exploded drawings to aid the modeler in placement of these parts on the kit. I highly recommend these 3 sets that are reviewed here. I only shudder at thinking of handling some of the tiny parts that seem to have bigger attachment points to the frets than what the part size is.

SWS with Panzerwerfer 1/2-Track
For the Italeri Kit

Again, packed in the usual cello envelope and sandwiched between some white cardboard to prevent bending comes another Eduard P.E. set. There are 2 frets of nickle-plated brass, double-etched P.E. in this set, and one small photo negative for the instrument faces in the dash board. The larger of the two frets in the kit has parts for the fire extinguisher brackets, radios (this part gets folded into a square), fender storage box replacements and hardware for them, hinges, rear foot step, and various other small hardware. There are 136 parts in all on this fret. The small fret has the dashboard, turret seat, and a lot of small hardware. 73 parts here. The instruction sheet is again a single page printed on both sides. It shows exploded drawings for the assembly. This set was released first in 1998.

Pz.Kpw. I Ausf. F
For the Alan Kit

Packaged in the usual cello envelope, sandwiched between a couple pieces of white cardboard to protect it from bending comes this set of P.E. The copyright date on it is 1999. The set consists of 1 large fret of nickle plated brass, double-etched P.E. parts numbering approximately 160 parts. Parts in this set include: replacement front and rear fender ends, fender hinges, tail light parts, siren parts, rear body bracket, intake screens, storage box brackets and handles, tie-downs, machine gun breeches (you have to make a sandwich of this part with plastic card in the middle), hatch locks and handles, periscope guards, tool tie downs, etc. The instruction sheet is printed on both sides, with a parts diagram and 17 exploded drawings to aid you in the placement of these parts.

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