HR Models 1/48
Port Victoria PV-7
'Grain Kitten'

By Bob Pearson


The Port Victoria "Grain Kitten" was developed as a light weight anti-Zeppelin fighter. The idea was to make the smallest, lightest aircraft capable of carrying a machine gun. Many companies tried their hand at this proposal, and the Isle of Grain based company Port Victoria came up with the PV-7 'Grain Kitten' . This was test flown by Major WG Moor in October 1917, sadly the 35hp, two-cylinder Gnat engne was not up to the job and the aircraft was not proceeded with

The Kit

Opening up the latest of the HR Models line I thought it was a 1/72 kit until I saw the Lewis gun. .. boy was the real thing small!!!!! You are given a wafer of small parts; two fuselage halves; wings and tail surfaces as well as decals and an instruction sheet.

The fuselage has basic panel lines on the nose and the rest is clean .. the sharp edges of the bottom and top longerons are pretty good and only a little sanding is needed to make them less rounded. The join between halves will need putty and sanding as it will be quite evident otherwise.

Wings are acceptable with light ribs on the top, the underside ribs could use a little sanding though.

The remianing parts are on a wafer and consist of: fin/rudder, wheels, propellor/spinner, struts, Lewis gun, cotrol panel, two engine cylinders, seat and floor. Of the entire kit the only pitting is on the drum for the Lewis gun.

The instructions consist of a three view drawing of the kit in 1/48 scale. Decals are provided for the prototype N539.


A most intriguing kit of a type rarely seen before. HR Models is to be given high marks for their subject matter. I would hope they will continue to produce esoteric types.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of Vamp Mail Order for the review sample

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