Kit no. 007 of 1000
FSSI #1000-010-2-9002

By Ray Mehlberger

MSRP: $44.98

This new figure kit comes to this reviewer all the way from the state of Hawaii. Right up front I have to say that I am not all that up on figures, but this one looks quite nice. The title of this review tells about as much history as I know about the subject so letís get down to whatís in the box.

The kit comes molded in six pieces of light tan colored resin, two extra hand pieces in white resin, and a fret of P.E.

The six light tan resin parts consist of the Stetson hat, the head, the body (neck to knees), the left and right arms, the shoes with gaiters, and a base.

There are some rather large pour gates on these parts and a friend of mine, who does resin fantasy figures all the time tells me that these are best removed with a cut-off wheel in a Dremel tool. He said not to cut too close to the parts with this – and please wear a dust mask while doing it – because resin dust is almost as nasty as breathing asbestos. He said to then finish up removing the pour blocks by using a ball shaped bit in the Dremel, and then the needle files etc.

The molding looks top notch. I detected absolutely no surface bubbles, which seem to be the bug-a-boos when it comes to resin models. I particularly liked the fine molding on his Stetson hat – the tossle on the front and the ventilation holes on the side – in the shape of a star are very nice.

I was told by Burl Burlingame – who so kindly provided this review kit – that the extra set of hands in white resin is usually included if he thinks the hands molded to the arm pieces are not quite right. It is nice to have these extras, however I detected nothing wrong with the hands on the arm pieces in this review kit.

The icing on the cake in this kit is the fact that all the rank patches, medals, and other insignia come as P.E. parts!! They are double-etched and very nicely done.

Burl has used a 'static pose' or the figure is at attention on purpose. He wants to have a soldier with realistic features and accuracy, with interchangeable parts, so that you can eventually make any American from this period (1890-1940). I can understand the reasoning behind that but would have preferred some weapons with him in an action pose. That is just my personal preference and what is there is very nicely done.

This kit can be ordered from Burls web site at:

or you can order it from his snail mail address:

Pacific Monograph
1124 Kahili Street
Kailua, HI 96734

I want to thank Burl for this review sample. He says that there are other products on his web site – but this reviewer could not seem to bring the site up on my computer.

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