1/48 Part Photoetch Detail Sets

Here's some of the latest aviation photoetch detail set releases in 1/48 from Part out of Poland.

MiG-3 Detail Set
For the ICM Kit
Available from Roll Models for $13.00

ICM's 1/48 MiG-3 kit is a beautiful kit in and of itself, but like any kit it can use a little extra sprucing up.  This detail set goes way beyond a little sprucing, though.  The interior is the first stop for this set and adds straps to the rudder pedals, a new instrument panel, seatbelts, and sidewall details.  Moving outside, the nose gets some added details in the form of screens for the air scoops on the sides and radiator mesh, front and rear.  New fins for the rockets start off the wing detailing, and from there we go to wing stiffeners and trim tabs.  The landing gear gets some sprucing up, with new oleo scissors and wheel hubs, as well as wheel door replacements and added details.  The final addition is a full set of flaps and appropriate details.  Two-part flaps and a complete wing interior will really make your MiG-3 look sharp.  Whether you use all or some of this set, your ICM MiG-3 kit will definitely look much better afterwards.

Yak-7A Detail Set
For the ICM Kit
Available from Roll Models for $8.00

Want to spruce up your ICM Yak-7 kit?  Grab this set in a hurry.  The interior gets some great treatment, with the usual instrument panel with film instruments, sidewall details such as throttle quadrant and trim wheels, and seatbelts.  External details include radiator screens and landing gear details.  This last point is really interesting.  The main gear gets some typical treatment, with new oleo scissors, wheel hubs, and new landing gear doors.  The tail wheel, though, is what's really surprising.  The only kit part used is the wheel, with the rest being made up of brass bits and two pieces plastic rod (not included).  This then fits into a piece that fits into the tailwheel opening.  Once done this will really look nice.  Overall this is a welcome set to spruce up the nice ICM Yak-7 kit.

Yak-7 Flaps
For the ICM Kit
Available from Roll Models for $7.50

If you didn't think the above set did enough for your Yak-7, grab this one as well and drop the flaps.  This set builds up the two flaps, resulting in some very detailed and intricate flaps.  No details are included for inside the wings, however.  Each flap is made up of a total of 15 parts, with two pieces making up the flap, two pieces for the spar, 12 ribs, and one piece to fit on top of everything, finishing off the flap.  With the spars notched and the lower part grooved, keeping everything aligned should be pretty easy.  In addition to the above set this set will turn your Yak-7 into a real museum piece.

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