1/72 Part Photoetch Detail Sets

Here's some of the latest aviation photoetch detail set releases in 1/72 from Part out of Poland.

MiG-29 Airfield Accessories
For the Italeri Kit
Available from Roll Models for $7.50

So you've finished that Italeri MiG-29 and you want to show it off on a nice display base.  To really enhance the look of your finished model, why not add a boarding ladder and intake covers?  Well, this set will allow you to do just that.  The single fret of photoetch includes parts to build up two exhaust covers, two main intake covers, and two covers for the blowin doors on top of the leading edge extensions.  The main intake covers and the exhaust covers both feature separate handles and extensions to help hold the parts in place.  In addition to these accessories there is a nice ladder made up of no less than 13 pieces.  This, coupled with the other additions, will give your finished MiG-29 a different look than all the rest out there.

P-40D to N-1 Canopy Frames
For Any Kit
Available from Roll Models for $5.00

This is an interesting idea: PE canopy frames.  This one is for the P-40 and it covers all the variants from the P-40D to the P-40N-1.  Inserts for the rear canopy side panels are included in addition to the frames.  Two separate windscreens are included, as are two separate main canopy sections, covering the differences between variants.  Paper templates are included to use to cut out clear acetate clear parts, although none is given for the windscreen.  How effective this concept works out on a model remains to be seen, but the concept definitely is worth some attention.

Fokker E.IV Detail Set
For the ICM Kit
Available from Roll Models for $9.00

ICM's Fokker E.IV is a nice kit, but any kit can use a little extra detailing.  This set adds quite a bit of extra detailing to the ICM kit, including a complete fuselage structure.  A new seat, fuel tank and other fuselage interior fittings are provided.  On the front end of the plane, the engine gets some treatment as well, including a wiring harness and a propeller hub.  Typical to World War One detail sets, this one includes spoked wheels to spruce up the landing gear.  All in all this set provides you with lots of details to really make that ICM kit shine.

Fokker Dr.I/F.I Detail Set
For the Roden Kit
Available from Roll Models for $9.00

Finally!  PART supplies seat belts.  This is the first I have seen that PART includes seat belts in its p/e sets.  This whole set is very nice – a welcome change to some of the photoetch they made in the past.  The majority of the parts are for the cockpit, resulting in the removal of all molded on detail.  The “cockpit” itself is a fold-up affair, to which the other small parts are attached.  Very few of the kit parts are used.  One may question the use of flat photoetch to represent a tubular structure, but if one were pedantic, one could “beef up” the photoetch with white glue where needed.  There are some parts on here I question why they’re included – wing-tip skids and tail-skid for an example.  But they’re included, so use them at your discretion.  This is highly recommended and will bring the Roden kit up to higher levels.  It may also work for the Eduard kit, if so inclined.

I-16 Type 24 Detail Set
For the ICM Kit
Available from Roll Models for $9.00

ICM's I-16 kit is a little jewel by itself, but this set really makes the kit shine.  Designed for the Type 24 kit, this set features a nice interior with sidewall details, instrument panel (with the usual clear film instruments), seatbelts, cockpit floor details, rudder pedal detail and control stick.  You'll be spending some time bending all this stuff up and fitting it in place, not to mention painting it all up, but once done it will really look nice.  For the exterior you get replacement landing gear doors and a new nose section, complete with separate shutters to close or open as you see fit.  This is definitely a must-have for the ICM kit to turn it into a real show stopper.

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