Studio 27 Photo-Etch Detail Set
For the Tamiya 1/20 Brabham BT-46 Kit

By John Jameson

This detail set from the Japanese manufacturer Studio 27 is for Tamiya's 1/20th Brabham BT-46 kit. This is Studio 27's Grade Up parts No. 30, ST27-FP2030. This detail set contains approximately 30 pieces and contains photo-etch parts for the rear wing end plates, oil cooler grills, radiator grills, brake disks, mirror surfaces, dzus fastners, seatbelts, side pod strips, and oil cooler and radiator straps.

Studio 27 provides a numbered picture of the PE sprue with reference descriptions of the pieces. As a nice surprise the descriptions are included in BOTH Japanese and English and provide the Tamiya kit piece to either attach the PE to or replace. This is a welcome relief from the majority of Japanese items where the instructions are provided in Japanese only. Thank You Studio 27!

This set is a bit lean on parts compared to some others from Studio 27 but the price reflects this at around $12US or 1300 Yen. The quality is typical of Studio 27, and that is high. I also just love Studio 27's little motto that's part of their logo 'Gilles Spirit's in Studio 27', a great reference to the even greater driver Gilles Velleneuve. This PE set is a great companion to AMD's Decal Conversion Set for the Brabham BT-46. Combine these two aftermarket sets for some striking authentic replicas of the famous Brabham BT-46.

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