AeroMaster Report

By Michael Benolkin

AeroMaster was again onhand for the RCHTA show, and this year they had these desktop binders like you see at an auto parts shop for all of the catalogs that the technicians have to use. It is hard to believe that AeroMaster has produced so many sheets of so many subjects in the last several years!

What's coming next? Good question, but like many of the kit manufacturers, AeroMaster is keeping their long range plans quiet. Needless to say, they will continue to release markings to coincide with the new kits and many of the re-releases.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that AeroMaster is now a distributor for the Aires line of resin and photo-etched detail sets. These had been previously handled by Precision Parts, though they went out of business earlier this year. With AeroMaster stepping in as a distributor, that means we'll continue to have reliable access to aftermarket enhancements that are as good (if not better) as Verlinden's series.


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