Classic Airframes Report

By Michael Benolkin

Classic Airframes was onhand again this year, with a terrific display of build-ups of their product line. Indeed, at last year's RCHTA, all we had to look at for the upcoming 1/48 Blenheim release was a crude mock-up. This year, two of the three planned Blenheims were on display. Who would have thought we'd even see a 1/48 Blenheim in injection-molded plastic?

Continuing on their between-the-wars theme, Classic Airframes will be releasing (by the time you read this) the Curtiss Hawk II and Curtiss F11C/BFC-2 kits. The Blenheim Mk.I will also be reissued with Finnish & Yugoslav markings, as well as the Curtiss Hawk III with Argentine markings.

What's on the books for 2001?

1/48 Scale

  • Boeing P-12 27th Pursuit Sqn

  • Boeing F4B-4 USN/USMC

  • Grumman J2F-2/3/4 Duck

  • Grumman J2F-5/6 Duck

  • Curtiss P6E Hawk

  • Bristol Blenheim Mk.V

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