ICM Report

By Michael Benolkin

ICM brought a large display showing quite a few build-up examples from their variety of 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft, 1/35 armor, and 1/350 warship releases.

On center stage was one of the more anticipated kits - their 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IX. This kit is beautiful, and onhand were a number of Spitfire gurus admiring ICM's work, including a gentleman who maintains a rather famous Spifire Mk.IX. Comprised of 144 parts, this aircraft is about as detailed as you can get in this scale. This kit is reviewed elsewhere in this issue. There will actually be three releases with this kit, as parts are provided for a Spitfire Mk.VIII, Spitfire Mk.IX (early), and Spitfire LF.IXe (late rudder and horizontal tail).

Also on the horizon for later this year and 2001:

1/72 Scale:

  • Zveno (TB-3 w/I-16s slung under the wings)

  • Su-2

  • Yak-7

  • Modern Soviet Air Armament

1/48 Scale

  • Bf109F-1 (these are promised to be as detailed as the Spitfires!)

  • Bf109F-4

  • Bf109F-4B

1/35 Scale

  • Panzer II Ausf D

  • Panzer II Ausf F 'Flamingo'

  • Panther Ausf D

1/350 Scale

  • Takao

  • Chokai

  • HMS Hood

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