Tameo 1/43rd P34/2
Tyrrell 6-Wheeler

By John Jameson



This month I thought I'd preview a recent release from Tameo, in 1/43rd scale. This fine kit represents the infamous Tyrrell P34/2, 6-Wheeler as raced at the British GP '77. This is kit #247. Let me start off by mentioning that if you haven't built a 1/43rd scale kit before, this might not be the one to start with, it is a very complex kit. While Tameo does not include this kit in their 'Superkit' range it is every bit a superkit with four sheets of PE, lift off bodywork, complete engine including tiny machined velocity stacks, and on and on. The kit is a relative bargain at around $60! This kit has about twice as much detail as some resin kits for about 1/3rd of the price.

The Kit

The kit is comprised of a white metal lift off body and a white metal monocoque onto which a complex frame of PE is assembled.

The Ford Cosworth DFV engine is comprised of a dozen or so white metal parts. The exhausts and seat are also cleanly cast out of white metal.

The kit contains four PE sheets. One PE sheet for the front suspension pieces. One PE sheet for the wings, brake discs, udertray and monocoque. One PE sheet for the radiator grills, seat belts, and engine bits. The last PE sheet is for some gussets and restraints.




Also included in the kit is a small bag of very small machined parts, and various wire. The very small parts are the fire bottle, some small shock assemblies, six wheel hubs and and other little doo-dads. Very nicely machined I might add.

The kit contains four brass machined front wheels and two larger rear wheels and a nice set (six) of soft rubber tires. The decals of are the highest quality and there are two sets in case you mess up one! The decals provide the sponsor markings, driver markings for Peterson and Depaillier, and the blue areas for the upper cowl. This allows the builder to paint the upper cowl white and use the decals for the Tyrrell blue on the upper cowl.

Lack of directions bother you on some expensive modern kits? Not Tameo! Four large (48x34cm), very detailed color CAD-like exploded diagrams for every part included in the kit. Also included on the instructions are close to a dozen reference pictures of the car. More than half of the pictures are color shots of the car in action with some black and white shots of specific detailed reference material for the area of the kit being built. Absolutely wonderful!!

Trouble matching the colors of the car? Tameo provides a paint chip to match and an automotive reference code to aid in finding the exact color. What more can I say? This kit has everything.


This looks to be an awesome kit. Reasonably priced and loaded with detail. Afraid to go out and buy a super expensive superkit? Then here is your chance for a high quality superkit at a reasonable price. I can't rave enough about the recent offerings from Tameo, they are simply amazing. The kits are engineered so well some of the fit problems that can bring down a 1/43rd build just disappear with a Tameo. If you haven't seen a Tameo kit before or never built a 1/43rd scale kit, I would highly recommend it. Start with a simpler Tameo kit and learn the skills needed for the tiny scale and you won't be sorry. Those darn little kits are a lot of fun to build, look great and are so addictive!

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