Aztec Decals Latin Eagles III

Sheet 48-011 (also 72-011)
Price: US $8.99

Reviewed by Juan Carlos Porcella

At last somebody is making something different with excellent details and quality. The people at Aztec Modeling Techniques and Details of Mexico, DF. have just finished a superb job on the making of the subject decals. They have been idled for several months and finally came out with decals for the Mexican Air Force's Northrop F-5F, Spanish Air Force's Lockheed F/TF-104G and the rare Dominican Air Force's "Sharkmouth" Cessna A-37B.

These decals comes separate in one sheet for both 1/72 and 1/48 scale (sold separately). However, one sheet are for the three aircraft above mentioned. This is a great deal after all. The application went smoothly leaving almost no glue residue or silvering on my Aeromaster paint job. Instructions are color printed on satin paper and very easy to read. You can see a picture of my finished Monogram 1/48 Scale A-37B with the Dominican Airforce (Fuerza Aerea Dominicana, FAD 3704) decals on the kit attached.

Since I worked with Aldo Flores of Aztec MT&D for the research of the Dominican Airforce A-37B, it is my pleasure to inform my fellow hobbyist that these people at Aztec are very conscientious with precision and fine details. I was told by Mr. Aldo Flores that they need distributors in the US, so please help them .I wish them well and encourage them to keep a good work.

Their web page and address are:
Aztec MT&D
R. Colorado No. 16
Sta. Cecilia, C.P.04930
Mexico, D.F.
Phone (52) 5577 5792

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