Warship Perspectives:
Camouflage Volume One:
Royal Navy 1939-1941
by Alan Raven

Published by WR Press
PO Box 709
Lynbrook ,NY 11563


Reviewed by Bob Pearson


One of the most anticipated books in the last two years that I can remember would have to be Alan Raven's volume on Royal Navy camouflage in WW2. Members of the Ship Modellers Mail List (SMML), have been kept apprised of the progress by Mr. Raven, and it was with much excitement that I opened my mail box to find the cover to the latest Warship Perspective, with a note saying the book was to follow. Unfortunately as of our midnight, September 1st press time, the actual book was still in transit, therefore this will just serve to whet your appetite until next month when a more indepth review will take place.

Aircraft modellers have numerous sources to turn to for their colour references, but until recently the ship world has been forced to rely on old sources – many written over 30 years ago – for their inspiration. Alan Raven has spent many years writing about warships, and his articles on ship camouflage in Plastic Ship Modeler provide fascinating reading. Now, in book form is the definitive account of RN warship camouflage. Many old beliefs are dispelled here, as well as explanations for why certain patterns were worn, or not as the case may be. As in any work there are typos or minor boo-boos, Mr Raven points to the following "To those who have reviewed, are going to review and who might review; The visual errors on page 26 (Sheffield) and page 53 (Formidable) will form part of an errata that will be in Volume Two which will be published by years end."

Among its 56 pages can be found 150 pieces of artwork, 95% of which have never been seen before as well as eight pages of colour – the front cover is a striking painting of HMS London.


The modelmaker as well as artist is well served with this volume. We may now turn to our loft insulating material with a new confidence in the accuracy of the colours worn by the RN in the early days of WW2.

Camouflage Volume One: Royal Navy 1939-1941 is available from Warship Books

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