Gold Medal Models PE Set for 1/350 König/Grosser Kurfürst

By Kenneth Hagerup

Gold Medal Model's (GMM) new photoetched (P/E) set is one of three recently released for ICM's kits of König class German WWI battleships.

The GMM set comes packaged in an envelope with two sturdy pieces of cardboard. Despite this, several parts had broken from the photoetched frame and were loose in the envelope, but none was damaged.

GMM includes a variety of railing types, including double etched two-bar railings with simulated canvas covering. The kit depicts a König class in post-Jutland configuration with open railings on the superstructure replaced with solid splinter shields. GMM provides instructions for converting the kits to an earlier configuration, but (unlike the forthcoming White Ensign Model set) does not include parts for the anti-torpedo net shelves and supports. (If building an earlier configuration, the heavy foremast must be replaced.)

Another highlight is the inclusion of parts for the forward, aft and bow underwater torpedo tube doors. GMM provides templates and instructions for cutting holes in the hull for the P/E parts and attaching the doors to the inside of the hull.

Additional parts include:

Funnel cap grilles
Yardarm foot ropes
Boat crane safety rails
Open boat oars and rudders
Motorboat rails and screws
Skylight covers
Deck hatches and armored doors
Bulkhead hatches and vents
Life raft floors
Crane rigging and cable reels
Accommodation ladders with perforated landing platforms
Gunport covers (with templates for sheet styrene cover plates)
Boat cradle girders
Anchor chains and chain stoppers
Bridge equipment (engine telegraph, binnacle and helm)
Bow crests and nameplates for König, Grosser Kurfürst, Kronprinz Wilhelm, and Markgraf


Because each of the four König class ships was different, and underwent modifications, not all of the parts may be applicable for a particular ship at a particular point in its career. The quality of the GMM set is first rate and will certainly add much to the appearance of ICM's kit.

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