Panzer III Ausf L/M by George Parada, Stanislaw Jablonski & Waldermar Hryniewicki, Kagero, ISBN 83-907005-81, $15.99

Review By Michael Benolkin

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to see (and share with you) a new armor series directed at the modeler and historian alike. Published by Kagero, the subject of that review was the Sturmgeschutz III Ausf G. Well the authors and Kagero have produced another winner! This latest monograph is focused on the Panzer III Ausf L/M. As with the previous titles, the book is published in sections.

The first section contains the developmental and operational histories of this Panzer III variant in Polish and English, and contains some great black & white photos of this Panzer in action.

The second section contains excellent color walkarounds of a Panzer III Ausf F1 Flammpanzer at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and a Panzer III Ausf M at the Munster Museum. There are a total of 55 color detail shots of both tanks!

Section three discusses the current kits and some of the steps needed to get that 'perfect' Panzer.

The final section contains close-up B&W photos and scrap drawings of specific details that are distinctive on this Panzer III variant.

Another nice touch to this title is the custom decal sheet that is included. It has hull numbers for six different Panzer III Ausf L/Ms, along with national markings and regimental/unit markings.

This is another must-have title for the Wehrmacht modeler and the World War II historian. My sincere thanks to George Parada for this review sample. You can order this title directly from George, instructions are on the website.

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