ScaleMotorSports Photo-Etch and
Templated Carbon Fiber Detail Sets

by John Jameson



[EDITOR'S NOTE: Just the Lancer is shown – the others are similar. Their PE sheets can be found by clicking the links - RNP]

The latest offerings from ScaleMotorSports includes detail sets for Tamiya's Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI WRC [kit #24220], Toyota Corola WRC [kit #24209], and the Ford Focus WRC [kit #24217]. There is a plate of photo-etch and two sheets of templated carbon fiber decals for all three of the WRC kits mentioned. Each Photo-Etch plate and decal set can be purchased separately.

The photo-etch pieces appear to be of the highest quality. The directions are in English and are very clear and concise, some of the nicest I've seen. They include the exact Tamiya kit part number to apply the particular photo-etch detail too. There is also a nice little blow up detail on how to bend and apply the bonnet latches. The Toyota Corolla PE set also includes a nice painting stencil to airbrush the 'Denso' logo on the front radiator grill.

If you haven't seen or used ScaleMotorSports carbon fiber decals you really have been missing something great. The scans of the decals just don't do justice to the color patterns the decals provide. They really are head and shoulders above any other CF decals out on the market. The decals perfom excellent with solvent and a little bit of heat. They really shrink up and form well. The printing process really gives the decals that glow or shine of real CF. With the templated decal sets provided the major CF pieces are templated or drawn on the back side of the decal sheet. Simply cut out the shape and apply to the Tamiya part listed. The pre-templating takes all the hassle out of CF decaling. It's so easy and adds so much realism that I can't recommend them high enough.

ScaleMotorSports sure has been prolific lately. These rally sets will add to their broad line up that now consists of photo-etch detail sets and templated carbon fibre decals sets for the Tamiya LeMans cars (Jaguar XJR-9LM, Mazda 787B, & Mercedes C9), the F1 McLaren MP4/13, the Porsche GT1, as well as 1/20th scale seatbelt hardware and nuts/bolts/washer sets. Wow! F1 to WRC! All of the highest quality. ScaleMotorSports also offers full super detail sets for the MP4/13, Mercedes CLK-GTR, and Porsche GT1 that include the above mentioned PE, and decals with the addition of small turned metal detail items.

ScaleMotorSports isn't stopping there either. Reportedly in the works is PE and templated decal sets for two more WRC kits - the Peugeot and Subaru. These should be out in September/October. Also in the works is a full super detail set for Tamiya's latest LeMans car, the Toyoto GT-ONE. I am sure SMS will offer the PE and templated CF separately as they have done with their other super detail sets. I expect the execution and quality of these coming items to be as high as everything they have done to date.

All of the products mentioned can be ordered either from your favorite hobby retailer or directly from ScaleMotorSports

I'd like to thank Mathew Wells at ScaleMotorSports for the review samples.

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