Catalina in Detail & Scale & Air War Over Korea

Reviewed by Michael Benolkin

PBY Catalina

in Detail & Scale
By Bert Kinzey,
Squadron/Signal Publications
ISBN 1-888974-14-2
80 pages

This latest installment from Detail & Scale covers (almost) all versions of the Consolidated PBY Catalina. In fact, the title picks up the story with the XPY-1 flying boat, and the machines that led up to the PBY. From there, the book covers the background and details for each version from the PBY-1 through the PBY-6A, the PBN, and the OA-10A. This is one of the first in-depth looks at the interiors of the PBY that I can recall, and wish I had this around when I was building the Monogram 1/48 PBY-5 kit a few years back. This is a must-have title for the PBY buff or the modeler alike!

The only category of PBY not covered here are the civilian birds used by Cousteau and other notables. One unique PBY that I wish had been covered was the four-engined PBY that had evidently been used as one of President Franklin Roosevelt's aircraft. It features an aft loading ramp with stairs and wheelchair tracks and very comfortable accommodations inside. The two standard radial engines were supplemented with a pair of six-cylinder engines outboard inside civilian aircraft-styled cowls ad turning three-bladed props. I last saw this aircraft a few years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico, still being used for VIP charters, etc.

Air War Over Korea

By Jim Mesco,
Squadron/Signal Publications,
ISBN 1-89747-415-5
64 pages

This latest from Squadron/Signal covers operations in Korea, and continues the Korean War series that Squadron previous started with "Armor in Korea" and "USN/USMC Over Korea". This title features quite a few pictures that I have not seen before, and while the photos cover mostly US operations, the narrative and color profiles also illustrate UN and North Korean participants. And while the photos are primarily of US aircraft, they do strike a good balance between the fighters, bombers, airlift, medivac, and many other support missions flown during the conflict. This book is a good compliment to your library and has loads of photos to help you with your next diorama.

My sincere thanks to Squadron/Signal Publications for these review titles!

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