Storch in Detail

Special Museum Line #12
František Korãn & Martin Velek
Wings & Wheels Publications, ©2000
48 Pages, Softbound
ISBN 80-86416-00-3

Reviewed By Chris Banyai-Riepl

This title is what I would call a must-have for anyone wanting to detail up a Fieseler Storch model. Wings & Wheels Publications have been putting out some outstanding titles, and this one is no exception. Anything you've been wanting to know about the Fieseler Storch is in here. The book starts out with a brief history, then quickly segues into the photo walkaround. The photos are split fairly evenly between color and black & white and take you on a detailed look at a museum Fi 156.

As near as I can tell there isn't any area that isn't shown in at least two photos. The complex shape of the cockpit glazings are well illustrated here, as is the subtle cowling shape. With the Academy 1/72 kit available and the upcoming Revell/Monogram re-release of the Hasegawa 1/32 kit, this book will definitely be very useful for detailing up these models.

This is purely a detail-oriented book, using restored and museum Fi 156s as the subject matter. There is no information on colors or markings of wartime Storchs, so that will be left up to other references. But for something that just shows off every nook and cranny of the Fieseler Storch, this book is the best.

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