Modeling Realistic Tanks & Artillery, An Illustrated Guide

By Mike Ashey
Kalmbach Books
MSRP: $22.95

reviewed by Ray Mehlberger

This is a new, 'HOW TO', book from the folks that publish Fine Scale Modeler Magazine.

It is 8.5x11" format and has 128 pages in it. In addition to the author, Mike Ashey, he is helped by modelers: Bill Tehan, Daniel OíKeefe, Richard Boutin Sr., Glenn Johnson, Scott Weller, and Jim Hudson (all of whom's models adorn the pages of this book).

There are hundreds of modeling tips in this book. Mike shows us how to remove seams, fix fit problems, trim resin models, fix resin casting flaws, make flexible (rubber) tracks look realistic, assemble individual track links, work with brass & white-metal castings, add detail with brass photoetch parts, drill out gun barrels, detail road wheels, scratchbuild parts, build up interiors, mask, paint and add decals, and weather and drybrush.

There are 240, black and white photos that take you step by step - through the modeling methods shown in the book. Color pages begin with chapter 3 'Building and Detailing Tanks' and a total of 167 color shots show us some more modeling steps. A chapter titled 'Tanks and Artillery Gallery' has an additional 27 Photos, of completed tank and artillery models. These are the same ones that the author, and his model building crew, are working on throughout the earlier part of the book.

My only complaint is that some of the photography is poorly lit with the pictures either being murky and dark, or too brightly lit and washed out looking at times. I also thought that pictures that were meant to show the effects of washes and drybrushing could have been done in color, instead of black and white as they were. These black and white pictures did not show the weathering techniques very clearly.

I highly recommend this book for any armor modeler. It is mostly aimed at the novice model builder - but there is a lot of useful information and tips for us seasoned tread heads too.

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