F-105 Thunderchief - A 29-Year Illustrated Operational History

By W. Howard Plunkett
McFarland & Company Inc. 2001
325 Pages, Hardbound

ISBN 0-7864-0880-4

Reviewed By Michael Benolkin

This new book picks up where 'Roll Call Thud' leaves off. In 'Roll Call Thud,' that author provided a color photo of almost every F-105 built and a sentence or two describing any unique events and its disposition.

In 'F-105 Thunderchief,' Mr. Plunkett has focused on the 103 surviving F-105s in the world. The book starts with a historical overview of the Thud (the early nick-name for the Thunderchief, supposedly for the sound it made when it impacted terra firma).

From there, the author covers each of the 103 aircraft in depth, providing an operational diary of significant events throughout each aircraft's life. The book also includes maps and locations where you can visit each of the survivors.

t concludes with an interesting section, entitled 'To The Glue Factory' that describes the status and fates of 118 other F-105s that are in varying degrees of decay or scrap.

This book is a definite must-have for the historian.

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