CMK's 1/35 Skoda Lt. vz. 35 Interior Set

Set #3018 For the CMK Panzer 35(t) kit

Reviewed By Chris Banyai-Riepl

While the CMK 1/35 Panzer 35 kit is a nice little kit in its own right, this set puts it into a completely different arena, detail-wise. I haven't measured it out, but I think that after using everything in this set you will have replaced at least 1/3 of the original kit with resin. Be prepared for a lot of painting with this set....

So what do you get with this set? The short answer is everything inside the tank. Starting at the front, you have a very complete driver's compartment, with the main part being a floor & forward hull. To this are molded on a pair of seat bottoms and some other floor details. But what you put on this is what really makes this set stand out. You've got photoetch pedals and control arms, ammo canisters, first aid kits, instruments, and just about everything else under the sun. By my count there's a total of 39 resin and photoetch pieces to fit into this one compartment, so you can see what I mean by having to paint a lot. Luckily the instructions do a fairly good job at pointing out what colors need to be used on specific parts.

The rest of the set provides more detailed machine guns and main gun, but only for the parts on the inside. The exterior parts remain the kit parts. The main gun sight and breech really looks neat and it too has several parts to it. Another area where you'll be spending time with the brush, I'm sure. The commander's hatch and cupola also get some treatment, with the cupola getting replacement view holes and the hatch being a completely new piece. This is good, as you'll want to open this tank up as much as possible to show off everything you're going to be putting in there.

If you've got the CMK Panzer 35(t) kit you'll definitely want to get this set if you're thinking of opening up some hatches. While it may take a while to get everything painted, once done it will really look sharp.

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