Vega Aviation Art

By Michael Benolkin

Saul Vega produces an impressive array of affordable aviation art. Here is a look at two of his current offerings:

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I, Q-VH, K9853, as flown by Flight Sergeant George Unwin while assigned to 19 Sqn, RAF. During his assignment to 19 Sqn, Unwin scored 13 confirmed and several probable kills. This rendering of Unwin's favorite mount provides a nice cutaway of the Mk.I Spitfire to reveal many details inside. Also depicted is the Popeye nose art that was applied to Unwin's aircraft before 19 Sqn entered the war over France in 1940. The Popeye figure is winding up for his famous punch that was symbolic, as Unwin would be 19 Sqn's leading ace.

Focke Wulf Fw190A-4, Yellow 2+1 of III/JG 2 as flown by Staffel Kapitan Josef "Sepp" Wurmheller. Wurmheller was credited with 102 kills, 9 over the eastern front and the remainder during the Battle of Britain. Wurmheller was later killed in a mid-air collision in 1944. This nice bit or artwork also reveals the complexity and beauty of the formidable Focke Wulf.

Pricing on these pictures is $10.00 for an 8.5"x11", $15.00 for a mat-framed 11"x14", and $25.00 for a mat-framed 16"x20". Stop by their website at to see the other subjects and options that they offer.

My sincere thanks to Saul Vega for these review samples.

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