Revell Pro Finish #28 Havoline Ricky Rudd Taurus

By Mike Taylor

Revell brings it’s Pro Finish line into the NASCAR arena with the Robert Yates team 2000 season Ford Taurus. The kit consists of 8 trees of parts in 3 colors-black, silver and red. Rubber hoses are included for the right and left drivers compartment air hoses and safety net. The body is pre painted gloss black with the large Texaco hood star, # 28’s and Havoline markings. I thought the painting instructions were a bit sketchy but with the help of some people from the forum and Yahoo’s nascarmodelbuilders club I got some answers.

Assembly begins with the engine. It’s made up of 12 pieces and looks very good once finished. I painted the engine non-buffing aluminum and then went over certain areas with magnesium to make it more visually interesting.


A quick search of the net found no photos of the interior of the car save one of the hood opened. The thing that struck me was the interior of the hood and engine compartment was light gray, not red. After asking around I found out that the #28 Taurus was painted light gray under the glossy black exterior, not red. I chose light sea gray for the chassis, and other underbody components and the inside of the body. The roll cages ensure that you’ll be scraping mold seams and filling ejector pin marks for quite a while, if you’re so inclined. After painting the separate interior pieces gray I picked out the padding with acrylic black. The driver is nicely molded and once painted decals are added for the various sponsor markings on the suit and helmet. A little Solvaset helped these snuggle right down and the figure looked impressive. The roll cage assembly was a bit complex but gave me no problems. I have to wonder though why the ventilation hoses are done in vinyl. They’d be easier to fit and look just as good in styrene.


The rear suspension assembly, while only made up of 6 pieces, looks suitably complex. The engine is inserted into the front end and then the exhaust is attached to the bottom of the chassis and the headers. It has the correct system exhausting to the left side only.

Metal pins act as the front axles while the rear axle in a single bar running from one wheel to the other. The tires are pre decorated with GoodYear Eagle logos and are quite nice. Final assembly is screwing the chassis to the body.


The decals are very comprehensive and set down well with Solvaset. The only areas that needed this were the “headlights” and “tail lights”.

These Revell Pro Finish NASCAR’s make it easy for a military modeler like myself to add their favorite NASCAR to their collection.

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