Amodel 1/72
Tomashevich Pegas

By Matt Bittner


The Tomashevich Pegas (Pegasus) was initially developed as a light bomber and strike aircraft against ground targets – which would place it somewhere between the Po-2 and Il-2 as far as application is concerned.  The design was supposed to be technologically simple as well as low cost hence the use of primarily wood for most of the airframe.

There is an anecdote on how one of the test pilots took it out for a flight, saw a column of German armor, and actually destroyed a Tiger tank using the Pegas.  He was about to be reprimanded for it, until reports from the front line came in describing in detail what had happened.

The Kit

The Amodel kit of the Pegas consists of 87 gray-green injected with a sprue of 2 injected clear parts.  Decals are for any of the first three prototypes, especially since the markings on all three were nothing but standard stars and some stencils, along with a nicely done white Pegasus on the side of the fuselage sides.

There are some options in the kit.  Depending on which nose and engine configuration you decide to use, the first three – of four – prototypes can be modeled.  The last option with the kit is the type of armament you hang from the center, fuselage underside.  Options include one FAB-500, two FAB-250s, 9 RS-82 rockets or 9 RS-132 rockets.

Overall – while thick – the kit is very nicely done.  While there are 87 pieces to this kit – most being the armament and the engines and cowl-rings – there are very few parts to build the main components.  There isn’t much to the cockpit, because there isn’t much of a cockpit, nor are there a lot of references on the type.  As with other Amodel kits, care must be taken removing the smaller parts from the sprue.


This is the second kit available of the Tomashevich Pegas – the first being released by Interavia.  I haven’t seen the Interavia kit yet, but the Amodel is an excellent kit of this type.  If unusual VVS aircraft is your “thing”, then by all means pick up this kit.

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