REJI Models 1/24 Skoda Octavia WRC

By Vladimir Suma


The Octavia WRC is Skoda's first car with 4WD. The Skoda WRC debut race was the Monte Carlo rally 1999, but this was a real disappointment. Schwarz didn't even start and Sibera left after reaching the starting podium with mechanical problems. Skoda scored its first win in the Octavia WRC in the 1999 Bohemia rally driven by Emil Triner.

REJI's example is the 1999 season car. There are five versions available to build. Either number 11 driven by Armin Schwarz or 12 by Emil Triner on San Remo rally 1999, or number 11 driven by Armin Schwarz or 12 by Bruno Thiry on RAC rally 1999, or number 3 driven by Emil Triner on Bohemia rally 1999. It is the first Skoda scheme with the car all white with two winged arrows on the sides and green front bumper. This scheme, in my opinion, is prettier than the scheme worn by the 2000 cars with white bumpers.

The Kit


There are two large plastic bags with parts. One contains the small parts such as the steering wheel, gear stick and other pieces. The second bag contains the bigger parts like the fuel tank, dashboard, sparco seats, wing, etc. Smaller bags contain the rest of the kit, with one bag having the photoetched parts (seatbelt buckles, windscreen wiper etc.) and one bag with only four rubber tires. The spare is reproduced in resin. The kit also comes with clear plastic film for the car windows and headlights and contains two clear vacuformed front and rear windows.


There are two sheets. One contain the winged arrows, numbers, driver names and other little decals. The other has numbers and sponsors for Triner's Bohemia rally car.

Masks are also included for painting the windows.



All in all this is kit for more experienced modellers. There are no decals for the tires or any seatbelts. The underside is totally without details. The interior has some equipment from version 1999 and other from 2000. One problem I can see for the RAC rally version is only having dry tarmac tires..


But thanks to REJI models for one of the latest world rally cars.


Na Konecne 197/4
415 01 Teplice
Czech Republic

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