The Messerschmitt Bf 109E
on the Western Front - 1940

Combat Colours Number 1
Scale Aircraft Modelling Colours
Author Peter Scott
Series Editor Neil Robinson
Guideline Publications, ©2001
58 pages, Softbound

Reviewed by Paul Ludwig

Scale Aircraft Modelling's new "Colours" series first issue was kicked off at the recent IPMS National Convention in Chicago. It sold for under 20 dollars and I think it is a wonderful addition to my library. It is called "Combat Colours" Number 1, and it is subtitled "The Messerschmitt Bf 109E on the Western Front - 1940."

It runs to 57 pages on the finest paper using excellent color renditions. From pages 6 to 51, there is an average of six color profiles on each page. No text except captions, and only profiles! Since the entire production of the 109 ran to approximately 33,000 aircraft, presentation of nearly 250 profiles of the 109E has to near the number in color of almost the entire production run of the 109E. Although that is said in humor, 250 color profiles of a sub-type is an exhausting study!

There are those enthusiasts who will find, record and publish the history on every aircraft built, of a specific type. Kind of like train spotting. That is their fun and their work is our treasure. The Republic F-105 was presented in a book giving a photo of almost every 105 ever built, from the first to the last. We are seeing more books showing a run-down of every one of a type. This new booklet in softcover shows almost every known variation of colors, markings and camouflage of the 109E. 250 of them! You do the math.

There are also six-views, color photos, color chips, a study of camouflage evolution, tactical identification markings, stencil samples with locations, rare photos and text.

Color profiles indicate an effort of one or more people to give us modelers the benefit of their research, and my apprecation of good color art work is boundless. If Number 1 is an indication of what SAM's Combat Colours hopes to do, many of us look forward to future numbers offering similar treatment of our favorite aircraft. I have several aircraft in mind. 250 color profiles of say, the F-4, or the P-51, or of any aircraft, would be great fun to look at. There were many aircraft produced which did not result in 250 total production, and obviously this series can not do the same treatment for those types. The BFC-2 comes to mind.

I recommend to those who model the 109E to see this booklet and judge what a fine effort SAM has made, toward having the final word on a color profile subject.

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