TwoBobs Aviation Graphics

By Michael Benolkin

I was pleased to meet the two Bobs behind the TwoBobs Aviation Graphics Company at the IPMS/USA 2001 National Convention. They've created an outstanding line of decals dealing with subjects that have either been ignored or superficially dealt with by other decal manufacturers.

Their latest series deal with USN/USMC adversary aircraft. These three releases focus on the Northrop F-5E Tiger II and the McDonnell Douglas FA-18A/B Hornet.

In set 48-014, markings are provided for three desert camouflaged F-5Es of VFC-13 (USN). Red 23 (160795) is the only 'native' Navy aircraft in this set, whilst Red 02 (730975) and Red 03 (741530) are former USAF machines. Excellent four-view profiles are provided for each of the three aircraft along with FS numbers to match up the colors.

In set 48-015, markings are provided for three blue/grey camouflaged F-5Es, all also from VFC-13 (USN). All three (Red 01 (730865), Red 05 (741539) and Red 04 (741536)) are all former USAF aircraft. As with the set above, the TwoBobs have provided excellent four-view color profiles complete with FS numbers for the colors.

Rounding out this set is 48-016, FA-18A/B Hornets of VFC-12, the Fighting Omars. The FA-18A is wearing a two-tone blue camouflage scheme whilst the FA-18B sports a desert scheme. Both aircraft are actually wearing camouflaged MiG-29 silhouettes over standard grey paint. The details are there, just like the actual aggressor aircraft, right down to the simulated dorsal intake vents painted on the LERXs.

I was also delighted to see in the upcoming category A-4 Skyhawk aggressors. The one that caught my eye was the one I saw while driving across Nellis AFB a number of years ago - I looked up at an aircraft in the overhead pattern and there was a MiG-17! After I got the rental car under control and stopped in the middle of the street, I hopped out to get a closer look, and there was a camouflaged MiG-17 silhouette painted over the top of a gray A-4 Skyhawk. These interesting schemes must have caused some double-takes in the cockpit as well as on the ground when these first appeared!

Back to the decals - the printing on these decals is very clear with everything in perfect registry. One nice touch about these TwoBobs decal sets, when you see two or three aircraft featured in the set, you are getting markings for two or three aircraft, stencils and all. Nice touch!

If your hobby shop does not carry the TwoBobs decal line, you can order them direct from the manufacturer's website at

My sincere thanks to the TwoBobs for these review samples!

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