Cobra Company 1/48 UH-1C Huey Hog Conversion

By Michael Benolkin

Cobra Company has released a new conversion set to convert the venerable Monogram 1/48 Huey Hog into an accurate UH-1C Huey Hog. The Cobra conversion includes a wide-chord vertical stabilizer that is the signature of the UH-1C, along with new horizontal stabs, crew seats w/armor plating, rocket pods, mini guns, grenade launcher ammo drum, and gun sight.

The instructions walk you through the conversion steps needed to bring the Huey kit up to date and provide some other useful information regarding armament configurations. The UH-1C 'Frog' was armed with the M5 40mm gun and 7-shot rocket pods, as portrayed in the kit. The UH-1C 'Hog' had miniguns and 19-shot rocket pods (included in the conversion). The UH-1C 'Heavy Hog' had the M5 gun and 19-shot rocket pods.

This set will definitely breathe some new life in the old Monogram kit! You can order this set (and see all of the other great offerings) on the manufacturer's website at

My sincere thanks to Cobra Company for this review sample!

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