Alclad II New Colors

By Michael Benolkin

A few months ago, we took a look at the metallic shades being offered by Alclad II. These were numerous shades of bare metal that would be found on aircraft, spacecraft and other modeling subjects.

Not resting on their laurels, Alclad II has replicated those fantastic paints found on custom cars. These are the colors that change color as you look at the paint from different angles. While this was a difficult and expensive process for the custom car shops around the country, Alclad has provided an inexpensive way to achieve the same finish on your model cars!

As with the metallic shades, you must apply these colors over a dark acrylic basecoat. After 'dusting' the basecoat with a few layers of these lacquers, you follow up with a few coats clear lacquer or model varnish. This combination results in a very deep and dramatic finish.

The four shades currently available are:

  • ALD201 - Prismatic Scarabeus - Green to Blue

  • ALD202 - Prismatic Maple - Copper Red to Green

  • ALD203 - Prismatic Jade - Gold to Green

  • ALD204 - Prismatic Sapphire - Deep Blue to UV

These colors are available from better hobby shops around the world. Ask your local dealer to get some of this great lacquer for your next project!

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