Aber 1/35 SdKfz 138/2 Hetzer Detail Set

By Michael Benolkin

If you are an avid armor builder, you've no-doubt run into the Aber line of photo-etched detail sets. These folks are as prolific in armor detail sets as Eduard.

This set is designed to detail the Dragon Hetzer kit and provides the details for the late version of the Hetzer. Another set has also been released to provide the details for the early Hetzer as well.

The set is quite comprehensive and the well-illustrated instruction sheet shows placement of each of the parts. If you saw this set installed on the Dragon kit, you'd probably overlook the details unless this was parked next to a stock kit. It is indeed amazing all of the details that are provided in this set, including numerous hatch hinges, pioneer tool mounting brackets, protective frames for periscopes and light fixtures, and even the bumpers for open crew hatches. Also included in the set are antennae and protective side-skirt armor plates with mounting brackets (of course).

If you are planning to build Dragon's Hetzer, you might be pleased with the detail of the kit straight out of the box. But if you have any experience with photo-etched detail parts, you will instantly see the difference in the detailing with all of these parts installed on your kit.

This set as well as the others in the Aber line-up are available from many hobby shops or directly from the North American distributor - Air Connection (http://www.airconnection.on.ca).

My sincere thanks to Air Connection for this review sample!

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