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This new section to Internet Modeler will contain corrections to past articles, general modeling announcements, and whatever else that comes in that doesn't fit anywhere else. If you have anything that would fit in here, please e-mail it to the publisher, Chris Banyai-Riepl.

MPM New Releases

Messerschmitt Me 264

1/72 Scale
Cat. # SH72025

Marking and decals for German prototype aircraft PUR detailed set and vacu formed canopy

US retail price: US $48.00

XP-56 II "Black bullet"

1/72 Scale
Cat. # 72510

Marking and decals for prototype No. II PUR details included Injected canopy

US retail price: US $15.60

DC-2 PAA/EAL "Metal molded top quality kit"

1/72 Scale
Cat. # 72508

Marking and decals for two Airliners, Pan American - Panagra and eastern Airlines aircraft. Injected canopy.

US retail price: US $42.00

Bv 138 C-1 limited run

HML 1/48 Scale
Cat. #HML010

Exclusive, hand made, highly detailed full resin kit. Marking and decals for three German aircraft Vacu formed canopy

US retail price: US $300.00

Revell-Monogram New Releases

#2348 1:25 `29 Ford Rat Rod 3 `n 1

There's a new type of custom car on the circuit and it's called a Rat Rod. Billet aluminum and fancy paint jobs are "out", weathered primer and swapmeet-scrounged vintage parts "in". Our classic Model A pickup represents the revival of late 40's and early 50's style hot rodding by a new group of young rodding enthusiasts. Features: Three different building options - closed cab, open cab and raised soft top, optional engine set-ups with stock and speed parts, two sets of wheels, Rat Rod style custom decals. Skill 2, SRP: $14.95

#6686 1:25/1:64 Amigo Pack `94 Impala SS Lowrider w/Impala Die Cast

Some cars were just born to be lowriders, and the '94 ChevyŽ Impala(tm) SS is definitely one of them. Even straight off the showroom floor, it looks like it's halfway there with its long and lowdown design. All it needs are a few lowrider touches and it's ready to cruise. Features: 1:25 scale '94 Impala with lowrider wheels and suspension, 1:64 scale Impala assembled die cast with matching paint scheme. Skill 2, SRP: $21.20

#4675 1:24 Bell Huey Gunship

Probably the most recognizable of all military helicopters is the formidable "Huey". It's tough and dependable in almost any military action and has had a prominent position in several wars and conflicts during the previous century. The Huey has been used for transport of personnel, equipment and supplies, medical evacuation, battlefield ambulance service, general utility missions, and as an instrument trainer. Features: Internal framework with highly detailed cockpit, rotating main and tail rotors, authentic Vietnam era U.S. Army squadron markings for the 114th Assault Helicopter Company and the 1st Air Cavalry Division. Skill 2, SRP: $31.85

Additions & Corrections

Seafang Follow-Up

As I had not yet returned the model to Ted Holowchuk after photographing it for the October issue of his magazine, and knowing also how negative he was about the model, I took it and a copy of the IM article to the IPMS-Vancouver Fall Show on October 6.  I had also made a label for the base that Ted had loaned me for the photos.  When he was filling our his model entry forms, I set the Seafang, on its base, in front of him and told him not to forget an entry form for it.  He was surprised to see it and briefly demurred but finally yielded and entered it.

It took first in its class.

Vought V-173 Flying Pancake Interior, etc.

Amongst several e-mails that I received following publication of the First Look review of MPM's Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet in the September issue was one from Scott A. Willey, Col. USAF (Ret.).  Scott works as a docent and volunteer at the NASM's Garber Facility.  A pleasant exchange of messages followed.  In October I received an e-mail from Kotrla Vitezslav, of the Czech Republic asking some pointed questions about the interior and rear deck colors of the V-173 reviewed in the October issue.  Having no interior color information, I asked Scott for help.  In response he opened the belly entry hatch of the stored V-173 and, standing on a stool, took four digital pictures of the interior.  They are printed here courtesy of the publisher of this magazine:

The first is looking up, and aft, into the open hatch.  Forward is at top; the hatch cover is on the right.  We are looking up at the bottom of the seat.

The second looks to the left at the seat and control stick.  Canopy framing can be seen - top center.

The third is looking to the right at the right side of the entry hatchway.  The crude Angle-Of-Attack  (AOA) indicator is prominent.

The fourth looks forward past the right front corner of the seat base; the right rudder cable is prominent.  The black instrument panel is photo center.

Scott describes the color as close to FS14062; that's also pretty close to RLM 71 Dark Green.

It is apparent from the photo on the cover of Steve Ginter's book, referenced in the October review, that the rear deck, up to the seat back, is the same chrome yellow as the rest of the wing's upper surface.

Oh, by the way - Scott pointed out that it was Dr., not Mr. Zimmerman.

XP-56 Restoration

In addition to Scott Willey, I also heard from Chris Hughes, of the UK, who writes the History Notes for many of the Czech kits.  Chris referred me back to his notes in the kit's instruction sheet and pointed out that Northrop had given up on attempting to restore the XP-56 and had sent the plane back to the NASM's Garber facility at Silver Hill in Suitland, Maryland.

Following up on Chris' comments, I asked Scott about the XP-56 and he replied that it was indeed at Silver Hill and in bad shape and is not on the list of artifacts scheduled to go to the new NASM facility at Dulles and, therefore, won't get any attention for awhile.  (And all the while the Magnesium oxidizes away - death by benign neglect.)

Other 1/72nd Scale Kits of Northrop Flying Wings

John O'Farrell e-mailed to point out that RS Models did the XP-79B Flying Ram in resin.  It's still listed on the RS website (www.rsmodels.cz).  He recalls also that someone did the JB-1; possibly Twelve Squared or Muroc Models.  Does any reader know for sure about these?  Please e-mail me if you do.

Chris Banyai-Riepl pointed out that Planet has the N1M, also in resin, currently in the better shops.

Steve Ginter's D-558-1 Skystreak Book

In the New Releases review of this title in the September issue I mentioned that the third plane, 43-7972, had been sent to the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte for restoration.  On June 23 they rolled it out in its overall white NACA color scheme.  Test pilots Scott Crossfield and Bob Champine were guests of honor on this occasion.  Unlike the National Museum of Naval Aviation, the Charlotte Museum has fully restored their Skystreak's cockpit; taking great pains to get all the physical details and colors right.

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