PST 1/72 KV-9 Heavy Tank

By Matt Bittner


The KV-9 was an experimental version of the KV-1, which was going to be used to destroy defensive positions as well as enemy tanks.  The KV-9 was armed with a 122mm howitzer and had armor up to 135mm thick.  While it was the best-gunned and best-armored version of the KV-1, for some reason it never went into production.

The Kit

PST’s kit of the KV-9 consists of over 161 parts.  I say “over” because the instructions show only the parts used for this particular tank, and there are many more parts on the frets.  The fact that PST includes so many other parts, common to most of the KV tanks, can be a saving grace if one of your kits comes up short-shot.  There are no markings because the only KV-9 contained no markings.

Molding it typical PST – some flash, large sprue gates but the detail is exceptional.  The build can be a little tricky at times, but nothing anyone can’t deal with.

Construction naturally starts with putting the lower hull pieces together – the two sides with the molded on suspension and the bottom.  After adding the other small pieces to the lower turret, then construction continues either with painting the lower hull and wheels separately, or adding the wheels and painting it all together.  Personally I paint the wheels and lower hull separate and then add the wheels to the hull.

From there the turret is constructed.  After that is the area I usually deviate from.  The instructions have you mount the upper hull to the lower hull and then add all the details to the upper hull.  I add all the details first, paint, and then glue the two hull pieces together.  However, before adding the upper hull to the lower hull, the tracks need to be added.


This is a very nice kit of an obscure subject.  PST is to be commended for tackling the lesser-known Soviet Great Patriotic War subjects, and this one definitely fits the bill.  Overall a very nice small-scale tank, and one highly recommended.

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