Warship Perspectives:
Camouflage Volume Three
Royal Navy 1943-1944
By Alan Raven
WR Press, 2001

Volume three of Alan Raven's Royal Navy Camouflage is now out, and it continues with the same format as the previous two volumes. As before there is minimal text, numerous black and white illustrations and a colour section showing many of the more interesting examples of the art of warship camouflage.

1943 found many new ship types in service, including escort carriers and the first of the US built DEs, which in RN service were known as the Captain Class, all of which are included. There is also a section on small ships of the MGB and MTB flotillas. The large ships aren't forgotten either, with many of them displayed as well. My favorites in this volume are the numerous four-stack destroyers which were given to the RN under lend-lease.

All in all, a valuable asset to any fan of the Commonwealth navies of the Second World War period.

My thanks to Keith Butterley of Warshipbooks.com for the review sample.

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