Hurricane in Foreign Service

By Miraslow Wawrzynski
ISBN 83-914521-0-7
72 pages, Softbound

Reviewed by Matt Bittner

Ever since I read that this book was coming out I wanted to purchase it.† Luckily while attending the IPMS/USA National Convention I was able to track one down and buy it.† I am definitely glad I did.

This book covers the Hawker Hurricane in service ďother thanĒ the British during World War Two.† There are six separate countries represented: Belgium, Finland, Yugoslavia, Germany, Romania, and the Soviet Union.† Personally I picked up the book only for the Soviet coverage, but the book covers the other countries really well.

There are 116 photos in the book, many never seen before.† In addition there are 26 color profiles covering all the aforementioned countries.

Since I picked up this book for the VVS service use of the Hurricane, Iíll concentrate on that section.† The section starts with the initial acquisition of the Hurricane via direct through a British squadron.† From there it branches out into the Soviets taking over the machines, as well as acquiring more.† The book also outlines the modifications made to the Hurricane, including the unique two-seat spotter machines built specifically by the Soviets.

If the Hurricane is your cup of tea, or if youíre interested in learning about the Hurricane as used by others besides the British, then this book is for you.† With the coverage it gives the Hurricane in non-British use, itís an excellent reference source.† Highly recommended.

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