NeOmega 1/72 Su-15A/Su-15T Conversion

By Edward Matthews


The NeOmega resin conversion set to backdate the NPO VES Su-15TM kit into an early Su-15A or Su-15T is some of the best resin I have come across.† The set consists of 8 pieces Ė in resin: two delta wings, two engine inlets for the rear fuselage, one vertical tail surface, a replacement ejection seat and a new nose† - along with a vacuformed canopy.† Unfortunately one part that needs replacing Ė the nose undercarriage strut Ė has not been catered for.† According to some sources you could use the nose undercarriage strut from the KP Su-7 kit, but I will probably scratchbuild mine since I donít have this kit

Even though there are a few pinholes on the leading edge of the wing and the small inlets for the rear fuselage (a couple needing a little more attention) these do not detract from the resin overall.† The molded on detail is exquisite and very much to scale.† In fact, with the NPO VES kitís detail being a bit overdone, using these replacement parts can help with the look of the entire kit.† In fact, the overall level of detail on the NeOmega replacement parts is much better presented than that of the NPO VES kit.

With the release of the Amodel Su-15TM, these parts may fit this kit as well but I havenít really tried.† Actually my opinion is if you want a model of the Su-15TM, then build the Amodel kit.† Save the NPO VES kit for the NeOmega conversion(s).

Be very careful while handling the resin pieces.† When I placed the parts on the scanner, I inadvertently placed my finger on one of the wing fences, and broke half of it off.† Everything is cast to scale so these parts are very thin and care must be taken.

Note that this conversion set is available from Linden Hill Imports.

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