Squadron/Signal Publications

Reviewed By Michael Benolkin


Walk Around F-15 Eagle,

By Lou Drendel, Squadron/Signal Publications,

ISBN 0-89747-433-3,

80 pages

In this latest installment of the Walk Around series, you are given a good look at the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle including the F-15A/B/C/D 'Albino' (air-to-air) Eagles and the F-15E Strike Eagle. The book is loaded with up-close details shots around both aircraft series. Color profiles are also provided for several examples of Albinos and Strike Eagles. I was a little disappointed with the dated material used for the Albino Eagle coverage - there are no photos of the upgraded F-15s with the new IFF antennas on the nose and the upgraded missile rails for the AIM-120. The Strike Eagle coverage is more recent, though there is no coverage of any of the export Strike Eagles to Israel or Saudi Arabia other than a single color profile of the F-15I. There is no coverage at all for the colorful F-15J JASDF Eagles. While this title will be a good reference for most modelers and historians, be aware of the unusual limited subject coverage that is not typical of Squadron/Signal Publications.

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