The Boeing 737-400 In Europe

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

Continuing from last month's profile feature, this month we again show off liveries of the 737-400, this time from some of the more well-known European airlines.

737-400 G-OBMM
British Midland, Great Britain
Delivered 11/18/97

British Midland has been flying the 737 for several years now, and this example is in the current livery. Originally the dark gray undersides were finished in the standard Boeing gray, but this later gave way to a color similar to dark gull gray.

737-430 D-ABKA
Lufthansa, Germany
Delivered 7/29/97

Lufthansa was the first customer of the 737, getting 737-100s in the late 1960s. The livery has changed a bit over the years, but not by much. This is the current scheme, featuring a white fuselage with a Boeing gray lower section. Unlike most Boeing planes, Lufthansa has the type designation on the forward fuselage in a typeface matching that of their titles.

737-400 OO-CTG
CityBird, Belgium

To my eye the CityBird livery is the prettiest out of Europe. I really like that dark green and dark gray fuselage, and the white & orange logos add a nice touch. This particular 737 has a replacement nosecone, making it a bit unique.

737-430 D-ABMK
Lufthansa Express, Germany
Delivered 12/23/93

No, this isn't a duplicate of the above profile, but rather an example of the Lufthansa Express livery. Very similar to the standard livery, there are two differences. The first, and most obvious, is the outlined "Express" underneath the Lufthansa title. With the location of this title comes the second change. The type designation and aircraft name has been moved from the front of the plane to the rear, next to the rear exit.

737-400 F-GMBR
Virgin Express, France
Delivered 10/5/92

Virgin Express' 737s are finished in this vivid red scheme, with a white tail and red Virgin logo. This particular plane was charted by Air Provence, hence the additional fuselage titles. Virgin Express' 737s are registered in several countries, so you can see British, French, and even Belgian registration codes on these planes.

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