Propblur Propeller Blades

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

Ever want to have a model plane in flight, but didn't want to go to all the trouble of motorizing the prop or replacing it with a clear disc? Well now you have a solution that looks good without all the fuss of motors. This product comes with four photo-etched blades, with each blade having tendrils on the leading and trailing edges, giving the illusion of movement. As you can see in the P-51 and Staggerwing photos, once painted up these blades look pretty good. This effect could be accentuated by some careful airbrushing such as fading the color towards the tip and adding in colored blade tips.

Currently these are only available in 1/48, but there are plans for other scales in the works. That said, with some careful trimming these blades could easily work for 1/72 planes as well, especially bombers. Each set contains 2 blades and sells for $3 plus shipping. If you want to do a three or four bladed prop, you'll have to buy more than one set. Contact the manufacturer for more information or to order sets.

If you're interested in having simulated moving prop blades, this is an great concept and adds just one more option to your choices. Our thanks to the manufacturer for the review samples.

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