Slixx Trans Am Royal Oak Camaro Decals.


By John Jameson


The Decals

This alternative set of Decals from Slixx is Part No: 1071/9401 and is for the Revell Trans Am Camaro kits, either the Rain-X, Hot Wheels, or Sunoco. These are Revell kit #ís: 7358, 7357, or 7635. These are all 1/25th scale Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans Am series racers. This alternative set of decals is to model the Royal Oak livery Chevrolet Camaro driven by Scott Pruett. The car is a spectacular red, white and yellow. The red being the charcoal 'Royal Oak' red.

These decals appear to be the typically high quality you have come to expect from Slixx decals. Virtually no carrier film, bright and correctly registered decals. This decal set is accompanied by a black and white placement guide. This placement guide shows the correct placement of the decals and even highlights the correct stripping to accurately model the car. Also included on the placement guide are colors and wheel center and interior painting instructions.


I love these decals. I am a big road racing fan and there isn't much available out there to model modern American road racers. Revell has done an excellent job in modeling a series of two or three Trans Am racers and Slixx has done their part in producing another four or five liveries based on the same base Revell kit. Nice Job! I am also a big Scott Pruett fan as you may remember from my Revell CART kit review of a Pruett car. The price can't be beat at $8.00 retail. These decals can be purchased directly from Slixx via their website.

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