Slixx Trans Am Sunoco Camaro Decals.

By John Jameson

The Decals

This alternative set of Decals from Slixx is Part No: 1164/STA and is for the Revell Trans Am Camaro kits, either the Rain-X, Hot Wheels, or Sunoco. These are Revell kit numbers: 7358, 7357, or 7635. These are all 1/25th scale Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans Am series racers. My guess is when these decals were first released the Revell Sunoco kit #7635 driven by Ron Fellows had not been released and hence this set of decals was to produce an alternate livery. Since then, however Revell did release their own Sunoco version. The decals provided by Slixx are far superior to the kit decals. This scan can't reproduce the neon fluorescent colors of the Sunoco emblem accurately. Trust me, the Sunoco shield colors are a bright neon yellow with a fluorescent red arrow and look very bright and eye catching. There are also numerous matching fluorescent red accent stripes and Chevy bow tie.

The Slixx decals appear thinner and with less carrier film., their color is also more vibrant and eye catching. The Slixx set also contains an engine builder plate decal as well as valve cover decals, seat belt, and fire extinguisher decals. These decals are accompanied by a black and white placement diagram. This diagram includes some paint code matches for a more accurate paint match than the Revell supplied 'Dark Blue' and 'Yellow' colors. The Revell paint description will not get you very far in matching the bright neon yellow of the car. The Slixx recommendation for the yellow is from Metro automotive finishes and is code #N96.


When these decals were produced it was the only way to convert one of the Revell Camaro Trans Am racers into the Ron Fellows Sunoco ride. Since then however Revell themselves issued this kit. Despite the Revell release these decals are nice to have. They are superior to the kit decals in several ways. The Revell Sunoco kit is a little harder to find and if you donít want to pay collector prices these decals will allow you to model the Sunoco Ron Fellows entry from anyone of the two or three Tans Am kits issued. The price can't be beat at $8.00 retail. These decals can be purchased directly form Slixx via their website.

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