HR Models 1/72 resin Hansa-Brandenburg C.I


By Bob Pearson




The Hansa-Brandenburg C.I would have to rank high among the aircraft of the Austro-Hungarian empire. First entering service in 1916, it soldiered on to serve postwar with the numerous small air forces that arose from the former. It was built by numerous manufacturers in various series – each of which was an improvement on what came before.

HR Models has released what may be the first non-vacform kit of the Hansa-Brandenburg C.I to see widespread release, and as such deserves a look. . so lets see what it is in the box. ..

the kit

The kit consists of resin parts as well as a small fret of PE and a section of film for the control panel. Decals are also included.

The fuselage has a rough interior molded into place, externally it is devoid of details. The wings have minor pinholes, but these are easily fixed with a little filler or perhaps even the priming coat. The ribs could be thinned down by a little sanding.

The rest of the parts are the tail surfaces, engine, wheels, propellor, struts, floor, seats, upperwing 'baby coffin' (gun mount). Machine guns of various types are included .. Maxim (Spandau), Schwarzlow, Parabellum.

Decals are provided for Czech and Austrian aircraft. Plain serial numbers allow multiple choices in this regard.

A three view structural drawing and an exploded drawing are the only instructions included.


Out of the box, the kit represents a series 27 aircraft. This would be a Phonix built example with the Daimler 160hp engine, however conversion to other variants should be possible with little effort. Rosemont provides excellent engines and guns for this purpose.

My sample was acquired from VAMP Mail Order.

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